Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI)

Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI)

The mission of the Urban Land Institute’s Women’s Leadership Initiative is to raise the visibility and number of female leaders within ULI and the real estate industry as a whole. WLI regularly hosts events and opportunities for high-level conversations with accomplished female leaders in the industry. The Kansas City ULI Chapter Women’s Leadership Initiative was kicked off June 4, 2014 with a visit from Diana Reid, current Chair of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative, Trustee of the Urban Land Institute, and member of the ULI Board of Directors.

3rd Annual Women’s Leadership Series

This program provides educational learning, professional development, leadership training, business skills, and empowerment to local women in the traditionally male-dominated field of commercial real estate. The program is specifically designed for a small group of women in pivotal stages of their careers across various disciplines within the real estate industry. Denise will facilitate the program through four half-day sessions beginning in April and ending in August of 2019. Denise has twice been honored as one of the most influential women in Kansas City and has devoted her career to promoting and growing leaders. She will guide you through the workshops to unlock your potential, arm you with the tools to be more effective, and improve your professional relationships.

Class size limited to 12.
Open to ULI members, Diamond and Platinum sponsors.

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The mission of the WLI is expressed in its four primary objectives:

  • Promote the advancement of women, throughout their careers, as leaders in the real estate industry
  • Increase the number of women who serve in leadership positions in the real estate industry and in ULI
  • Increase the visibility of women leaders in the real estate industry and in ULI
  • Increase the number of women who are active ULI Full members, and support the development of young women members as leaders in ULI and in their professions