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ULI Fall Meeting Videos

ULI’s video library captures key lessons from the 2016 Fall Meeting. Watch these full-length presentations by real estate visionaries about the most pressing topics facing the industry.

Cowboys legend Roger Staubach of JLL Americas and Steve W. Van Amburgh of KDC Real Estate Development & Investments speak with north Texas executives about why people, companies, and institutional capital continue to gravitate to the region. WATCH!

John E. McNellis of McNellis Partners LLC explores the competing schools of thought on the sell/hold decision, the strategy behind making this critical decision possible in the first place, and why one size—or answer—doesn’t fit all. WATCH!

Patrick Phillips, global CEO of ULI, leads a panel discussion on the new Tenant Energy Optimization Program, dedicated to the design and construction of energy-efficient tenant space. Leaders in the arena shared real-world examples of projects where the process has been employed. WATCH!

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