ULI in Action!

ULI Kansas City’s Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) is a multi-disciplinary team approach that provides comprehensive and strategic advice in response to a specific land use or development assignment.

ULI in Action!

2018/2019 TAP Application


At the state and local level, ULI Kansas City addresses community building and land use issues through Community Outreach programs. ULI members collaborate with other stakeholders on issues such as: smart growth, workforce housing, regional cooperation, urban revitalization and other topics to implement consensus-based solutions for better communities. Community Outreach enables local ULI leaders to identify challenges to better development, feature best practices from across the country and devise new solutions to improve land use patterns.

Technical Assistance Programs (TAPs) provide strategic advice to sponsors on complex land use and real estate development issues. The TAPs program links local public agencies and nonprofit organizations to the expert knowledge and experience of our ULI members.

The TAPs program has been successful nationwide due its comprehensive, pragmatic approach to solving land use challenges.

  1. Each TAP panel follows a proven process that begins with a conversation between our Community Outreach committee and the community sponsor to frame the assignment.
  2. We assemble an interdisciplinary panel of up to 10 volunteers who study the assignment thoroughly.
  3. The panel interviews stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue and possible solutions.
  4. Panels approach the assignment from all perspectives, including market potential, land use and design, financing and development strategies, and organizing and implementation.
  5. The panel collaborates and makes recommendations to the sponsor along with a public presentation of the outcomes.

For additional information about the TAPs program, please contact TAP Committee Co-Chairs:

Michael Collins | michael.collins@jedunn.com

Audrey Navarro | audrey@clemonsrealestate.com