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Let’s talk about KC’s Infrastructure

Kansas City is poised to become a great city. After peaking nearly 50 years ago, population growth is once again on a healthy upward trend. Our downtown is more vibrant than it’s been for generations. Private reinvestment in Midtown areas like Armour Boulevard and the Troost corridor is exciting to see.

Great things are happening. Still, there is a challenge we need to face: We’ve built a city we can’t afford.

Like most cities in the country, we’ve built more infrastructure in the past 70 years than we can afford to maintain. Highways, bridges, local streets, sidewalks, sewers and water lines are aging fast, and these utilities continue to crumble. Eventually, replacement will be the only option, at which point no one knows where we’ll find the financial resources that will be needed to rebuild what we aren’t currently maintaining.

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