Mentorship Forum for Young Leaders

The Mentorship Forum helps Young Leaders develop a broad understanding of all facets of the real estate environment, while connecting with ULI Peers and Mentors.

Mentorship Forum for Young Leaders

The Mentorship Program is made up of several mentorship groups each consisting of 4 to 6 Young Leaders and one Mentor.  Each mentorship group will have an appointed Group Leader to assist the Mentor with scheduling, meeting venues, topics, and lunch arrangements.


The ULI Kansas City Mentorship Program is designed to provide the following to Young Leaders:

  • Exploration of ULI’s mission in a confidential, trusting environment of idea exchange;
  • A broader understanding of all facets of the real estate environment;
  • Connectivity with ULI Peers and Mentors;
  • Personal and professional development.


Five meetings or lunches will be scheduled by each group’s Group Leader from October 2017 through March 2018.  Two additional combined group events organized by the YLG Management Committee will take place at the beginning and end of the program year.


  • August 31, 2017: Applications Due
  • September 15, 2017: Applicants notified of admission to the program
  • End of September 2017: Kick-Off Event with all Mentorship Groups
  • October, November, December, January, February, March: Individual Group Meetings
  • End of April 2018: Year-End Event with all Mentorship Groups


The cost of participating in the Mentorship Program is $120.  The program fee is directly applied to the Kick-Off event, the Year-End event, and the (5) mentorship group meetings and covers the cost food, drinks, and venues.


100% attendance is expected.  Participants are made aware of the attendance requirement at the onset of the application process.  Each Group Leader must keep track of attendance for each meeting, and provide it to the Young Leader Management Committee at the conclusion of the program. This information is important as far as determining future admittance into the program.


All arrangements related to the (5) mentorship group meetings are to be handled by the Group Leader in coordination with the Mentor.  Food, drink, and venue for the group meetings will be ordered in advance by the Group Leader and paid for via ULI with the funds from the $120 participation fee.  Lunches are expected to last 60 to 75 minutes.


Applicants are selected based on the following criteria:

  • ULI Member: membership must be current at the time of application
  • Thoughtful and thorough responses on the application.
  • Employment and Engagement in the real estate industry; active past and current involvement in ULI programs and events.
  • Commitment to the time required for active involvement in the program, or demonstrated commitment to the program in years’ past.


You will be notified of your acceptance by the YLG Management Committee with an email outlining your group members, group leader, and mentor.  Further details will also be provided about the Kick-Off Event.  Upon acceptance, you will also be requested to pay the Mentorship Program Fee of $120 by check or online.


  • “Show and Tell” – group member presentations with Q&A about their role
  • Group Members invite senior leadership from their firms to talk about their roles.
  • Project Spotlight / Case Study from Mentor/Mentees
  • The 5 most Pivotal Decisions that got me where I am today
  • Looking Back – What I would have done Differently
  • Negotiation
  • Career Path – determining professional next steps


  • Set your entire meeting schedule for October to March
  • Set a precedent with your first meeting to begin on time and end on time.
  • Creativity, out of the box! Engage and Task Participants
  • Focus on group members and their roles/contributions
  • Meet with each member individually for coffee/lunch (outside of meetings)
  • Ask Group Members if anyone would be willing to host future meetings


Contact and/or


How do I apply? Download the application form and fill it out; attach the application form, your resume and a headshot photo to an email addressed to (Detailed application instructions are provided on the application form.)

Do I have to be a member to apply?  Yes, you must have a current ULI Young Leader membership.  Not a ULI Member? Join today!

Do I have to provide a photo and/or my resume? Yes, the photo and resume will help Mentors get to know those in their group. Applications without resume and/or headshot will not be considered.

Do I really have to have my supervisor sign the last page of the application? Yes, we require that you have your supervisor sign the application to show support for participating in this program.

I am self-employed, do I have to complete the last page of the application? Yes, you will sign the form as both the applicant and the supervisor.

Can I request a particular Mentor? No, ULI will assign selected applicants to Mentors in an effort to balance and diversify each group.

When will I know if I was selected? You will be notified of acceptance no later than September 15, 2017.

Do I need to pay the $120 participation fee now? No, you will be provided instructions for paying the fee if/when you are accepted into the Forum.

Whom may I contact if I have questions? 
Joy Crimmins, District Council Coordinator (816) 569-2141,
Nick Christopher, Co-Chair, Young Leaders,
Ferdinand Niemann, Co-Chair, Young Leaders,

What happens after I’m accepted? Applicants will be notified of acceptance no later than September 15, 2017.  ULI will send you an invoice for the $120 participation fee (must be paid before attending the Welcome Luncheon). Sometime during the week of September 15, you will receive an email from your assigned Mentor with an invitation to the Welcome Luncheon in September (date TBD).

FIRST MEETING (Welcome Luncheon):

  • Meet your Mentor and Group Leader, as well as other Forum participants.
  • Brainstorm ideas/topics for subsequent individual Small Group meetings.
  • Set specific dates/times for 2017/2018 meetings.
  • Ask Group Members if anyone would be willing to host future meetings at their office.
  • Explore what Group Members’ expectations are for the program.