ULI Kansas City is governed and led by three volunteer committees:
Advisory Board
Governance Committee
Management Committee


The Advisory Board serves as the strategic leadership for the local ULI district council in Kansas City. It is comprised of approximately 20 leading real estate and land use professionals, both members and non-members who volunteer their time to build a strong regional presence for the Urban Land Institute.  The Advisory Board provides insight into critical issues, hot topics and market trends to help the Kansas City district council set strategic direction and program priorities.

The Governance Committee consists of former district council Chairs and ULI Trustees. It’s purpose is to provide guidance and leadership in compliance with ULI policies, practices, and code of ethics. The Governance Committee is responsible for succession planning and making recommendations for future district council Chairs, and the positions of Treasurer and Chair for Mission Advancement.

The Management Committee implements the district council’s scope of work, delivers local programs and manages financial obligations. Committee members are appointed by the district council Chair and serve two-year renewable terms of service, commencing with ULI’s fiscal year.

District Council Management Team for FY2019

District Council Chair
Diane Burnette, MainCor
Chair of Mission Advancement
John McGurk, Milhaus
Jason RomeroPlatform Ventures
Joy Crimmins
ULI Kansas City

Management Committees for FY2019

Development/Outreach: Works with current and potential sponsors to ensure District Council is responsive to local community needs. Responsible for membership and outreach programs to increase membership, improve retention and ensure members are connected and well informed about ULI.  Ambassador program connects young leaders with community leaders and sponsors to act as District Council liaisons to increase engagement.  Chair: Julia TaylorCommittee: Jason Romero, Dan Musser, Darcey Stewart

MissionOriented Program – Focuses on delivering programs in alignment with District Council priorities.  Emphasis on community impact, thought leadership. Subcommittee responsible for: Awards and Signature Event.

  • Co-Chairs: Caleb Holmes/Jacob Littrell; Current Committee: Laura Tyson, Pat Murphey, Eric Bosch, Chase Powell, Emily Tilgner – subcommittee

Equitable Development Resource – Works closely with community and city leaders to expand building equity in area.  Align ULI resources with community needs, measurable outcomes.  Establish Urban Plan for public officials.

  • Chair: Stephen Samuels

TAP: Review and select projects that reflect the District Council priorities, assist with TAP panels and manage TAP stakeholder follow up and implementation.  Works closely with local universities to engage students in TAP preparation.

  • Co-Chairs: Michael Collins/Audrey Navarro; Current Committee: Diane Burnette, Ashley Sadowski, Ann Holiday, Lynn Carlton

Communications: Coordinates media calls for TAPs, Awards, Surveys as well as promote District Council events and activities across social media platforms.

  • Co-Chairs: Kathryn Jones/Brett Posten; Current Committee: Stan Meyers, Gary Mitchell, Doug Bates

Young Leaders: Manages the Mentorship program, community outreach and assist in design and implementation of the Dan Musser idea.

  • Co-Chairs: Nick Christopher/Leah DiCarlo

University Outreach – Establish ongoing relationships with local universities to engage students in ULI.  Includes Etkin Johnson programming and student mentoring.

  • Co-Chairs: Trent Dansel/Lauren Cano

WLI: Promotes Annual Leadership Series, Trending Topics and Women Empowerment.

  • Co-Chairs: Michelle Kaiser/Beccy Yochum Current Committee: Alyssia Canady, Rachel Knox, Cat Szalkowski, Devon Coffey

LPC: Establish local product council.

  • Chair: Russ Pearson,